About us

BioXgreen is a biotech company producing a proprietary and innovative cocktail of biotechnology products for management of waste from municipal, agricultural, home and environment.Our technologies are the most advanced for a safe "chemical-free" Green treatment of waste generated.

What do we do?

We create innovative cocktail of biotechnology products for removing garbage wastes from municipal, agricultural and environment. Through our technologies and effort, we strive to keep a greener, cleaner atmosphere and provide a wonderful opportunity of waste management for the benefit of humanity.

How are we different?

Waste management has become a complex problem of current time. BioXGreen's innovative technology and products could deliver superior outcomes than most of the available alternatives.

We have collaborated with government, universities, and other research institutes to ensure a quality product. The commercialization of our technology proves its effectiveness and adaptability across.

Board of Directors

Arvind Sharma

Dr. Bhogle
Director, Technical

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