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Owing to rapid urbanization and industrialization there has been many fold increase in the waste and waste water being generated in our country. With the rise in the per capita increase in waste and waste water, there is an urgent need to bring in efficient technologies for resource recovery, recycling and reuse of waste and waste water.

Today almost 80% of the water supplied for domestic use, comes out as wastewater. In most of the cases wastewater is let out untreated which either sinks into the ground as a potential pollutant of ground water or is discharged into the natural drainage system causing pollution in downstream areas. The pollutants could pose a health hazard to human and animal life. Therefore, there is an urgent need for treating wastewater using modern technology and recover as much usable water as possible.

Similarly, of the 62 million tonnes of solid waste generated in our country only 11.5 million Ton of waste is treated. These wastes are rich resources in terms of reusable soil conditioners and energy.

To help resolve these issues through superior advanced technologies, BioXGreen came up with the Infra arm that would be catering to the Infra requirements of MSW and Wastewater Treatment

  • Integrated system for treatment of Municipal Solid Waste for producing Compost and Energy
  • Integrated System for composting of Municipal Solid Waste for small ULBs
  • Decentralized Composting Bins
  • Waste to Energy of Non-Biodegradable organic waste through Pyrolysis
  • Complete integrated systems for Sewage Treatment Plants
  • Design of Industrial Effluent Treatment Plants
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