Why Bio-Culture?


Usually the odour generated from Municipal Solid Wastes, Animal Livestocks and Waste waters are due to partial putrefaction of waste leading to generation of obnoxious odorous volatile organic and inorganic substances like hydrogen sulfide, Ammonia, Amines, carbolic acids or compounds thereof, and other irritating gaseous substances, which give unpleasant sensations. Each odour has its own chemical source and is often found in mixtures, making identification of the sources of these smells challenging. BioXGreen microbes present in the formulation have the ability to capture and biologically degrade odourous gases such as hydrogen sulphide (H2S) and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). This mechanism is aided by the use of extremely small water droplets moving at high speeds (atomized water micro droplets as carrier of the microbes and bio- chemical). As the contaminated air comes in contact with the fine mist droplets the bacteria harboured in it metabolises and break down odorous gases. The types of bacteria which are selected depends on the application and contaminants. The removal of pollutants occurs through a natural process of oxidation. Odors are consumed by microorganisms. The magic is mainly brought about by bacteria that produce organic acids.


What is odor/stench/stink?

Odors are gases

Stink –Kill eliminates pungent odors:


  • Stink-Kill is an odor eliminator as it eliminates the odor and not a masking agent.
  • Stink-Kill is a bio-organic natural product based odor control agent, which is easy to use, cost effective and economical
  • Stink-Kill will also keep away flies and cockroaches

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The microbes in Stink-Kill formulation belongs to GRAS(Generally Recognized as Safe) category and through synergistic action brings about complete neutralization of odor.

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