Microbial consortia have become the focus of research while searching solutions to waste management. BioXGreen technology is derived from a selective group of highly effective organisms. The unique combination of these organisms effectively takes care of waste management efforts on one hand and is beneficial to the environment on the other. As the technology for waste management continues to evolve, the BioXGreen products continue imbibing the latest technologies to provide a 100% natural and safe means of digesting waste matter. This then helps positively to the environment by improving soil fertility and water quality.

How bacteria clear contaminants?
Technology overview and advantages

The proprietary technology allows BioXGreen to be highly effective product. It works faster and much more efficiently that the currently available alternatives. The broad spectrum of activity would allow it to meet the unmet needs of waste management especially- municipal and agricultural wastes. Some of the major advantages of BioXGreen are:

  • Faster speed, better efficiency
  • Broad spectrum of activity
  • Can be effectively used with almost all types of waste management strategies
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