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Microbial consortium has become the focus of research while searching solutions to waste management. BioXgreen is an Indian Biotech Company that has developed microbial organisms & enzymes that are useful in treating waste. BioXGreen technology is derived from a select group of highly effective organisms. Our products help industries and organizations to care for environment, ecosystem, and humanity as a whole. Our technologies empower to live in a greener, safer, and cleaner environment. The application of products are categorized as under:

  • Waste and Garbage management
  • Wastewater treatment (Lakes, rivers, ponds, canals etc.)
  • Odor treatment
  • Sewage treatment
  • Enhancement and retention of soil nutrients

Clean India


Benefits of using microbes and enzymes

  • Reduces dredging cost
  • Reduces energy consumption
  • 100% biodegradable and unlikely to have any negative impact on environment unlike potentially harmful chemicals, algaecides and herbicides,
  • BioXGreen products aggressively digest and breakdown sludge, scum and decaying organic matter into harmless water and carbon dioxide

Why Choose Us

  • Clean, green and safe

We are committed to create products and solutions that are safe for people, animals, environment, and the entire ecosystem. Thus, our products help in maintaining a cleaner and greener environment

  • Solving unmet needs

We create superior, innovative products with our well-established technologies to disrupt the status quo and solve unmet needs of waste management. We wish to enter markets where our products and services can make big difference

  • Superior technology

We believe that utilizing right technology could solve even the complex issues with ease and provide a safer alternative for a better, cleaner, and greener earth

  • Research and development

We realize no technology could be successful if proper research is not carried out. Thus, we have tied up with the respective governments, universities and other research institutes to ensure that our products are well researched ready for a seamless implementation.

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